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March 13, 2018


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Thank you for sharing this difficult information. I'm sad to hear that it's the end of your dream to train as a vet but the spreadsheets showed the full picture so it looks like it just wasn't to be. Are there other 'animal-related' careers which you might consider which wouldn't involve the cost you've illustrated in your spreadsheet?


Well it certainly sounds like the right decision for you, although a hard one at that. Hats off to you for, as you say, admitting it rather than brushing it off the carpet.

As a slight aside, I would be interested to hear what combination of diet/supplements you found which helped you last year, if you'd be happy to write more about it (I am currently battling some sort of post viral fatigue, and it is... very limiting at the moment).


Hi Weenie - yes, I can do some volunteering at an animal shelter, maybe even at a local vets. We've also thought about taking on some rescue animals, although it might be seen as odd for me to have rescued livestock living next to livestock I intend to eat! There are certainly enough unwanted micro-pigs who need good homes, mainly because they grew and were not 'micro' at all.

Hi Maria - yes, I will do a post about it. Some of the things I did were a little unorthodox though. A good place to start for me was Dr Myhill's site at She believes that chronic fatigue is caused by a failure with the energy producing components in our cells, so you have to cut out those things that affect that process and then directly supplement the cells with what they need to produce energy, as they can't do it alone. Personally, I found I had antibodies to my thyroid hormone, so the fatigue was being caused -in part - by my immune system destroying my thyroid hormone, which impacted on every other system in my body.


Hi Steel,
Thanks for that! I found Dr Myhill’s website last year actually, but then failed to follow through on a consistent plan of action (confess I found her suggestions for diet a bit overwhelming). This is a good reminder to go back to it.

I’m glad you found a solution to your problem-and no wonder you felt unwell if your thyroid was involved.

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