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June 26, 2017


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Wow - massive respect for going for the A Levels again - I too struggled with the leap from GCSE to A Level and left 6th form with Cs in Biology and French. I failed my Maths with an 'N' and don't have the urge to ever ever study Maths again!

I then thought the jump from A Level to degree was also pretty tough (or maybe it was because of too much socialising?)

Anyway, I worked hard but not hard enough, only scraping a 2:2.

All the best with getting your straight As!

Jolanda de Vries

Hi there, I searched for a mail address to mail you but couldn't find it. So I hope you won't mind I contact you this way.
On your blog I found a post years back about Mia's Landliv. My friend and I followed that blog with much joy because we also love to quilt and crochet and she made such lovely things! But then her blog closed down and is only open for visiting to people who got an invitation. I would like to ask her for an invitation but can't find a way to contact her.
So here is my question... do you know a way to contact her? We would be so happy when we would be able to visit her blog again.
Thank you in advance and I hope you will contact me.
Btw... sorry my English isn't perfect. ;-))


Great ambition! Just one thing - check the dates of the exams. As far as I know (secondary school teacher for 25 years), there are no November exams.

And make sure that you are doing the right syllabus!!! If you're doing Biology 2018 there will be two possible exams to take - legacy and new syllabus. If you're doing the new syllabus, get hold of this year's AS exam and examiner's report (will come out in August) and read in detail - it will flag up areas to focus on.



Thanks Weenie! I made a start a couple of weeks ago and it seems ok at the moment. Maths is hard but doable with lots of practice questions, but with the biology and chemistry it seems to be more a case of remembering than starting from scratch. That takes the sting out of it a bit!

Also, having the internet around is fantastic. Wasn't really around in my A'Level days but some of the digital resources available now is amazing!


Thanks for the heads-up Zannah. I'm doing the CIE exam board, and they apparently do have two sets of exams a year. I've been speaking to a tutorial college who are going to enter me into the exams, and as far as I'm aware I will be doing the new linear exams, but again, I will ask again to double check. The original plan was for me to do everything in May 2019, but I don't want the pressure of sitting all of those exams in one of my busiest working month of the year for my employer, but I changed my mind recently. I had forgotten that some of them may be the legacy, not new, exams. Thanks again for the info.


Hi Jolanda, your English is very good!

I get a few people ask me about Mias Landliv every year. I don't have any way of contacting the owner of the Mias Landliv blog. I get the same message as you when I have tried to access it before and there appears no way of requesting an invitation. That's why i took it off my blogroll in the end. I believe the owner had a lot of legal problems that her blog was caught up in and took it private for that reason.Sorry I can't be of more help.

Jolanda de Vries

Thank you very much for answering my question. I guess there is no way to contact Mia then. Well you never know... maybe she reads this comment. :-)
Have a nice day and if I do find a way to contact Mia I will let you know.

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