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April 24, 2014


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Food has always been one of my husband and I biggest expense so I am always looking for ways to save. First we stopped eating out. This cut our monthly bill almost in half. Lately, I try to cook more from scratch and plan out our meals for the week before shopping. This reduced our food expense another 1/3. I don't compromise on quality. I still buy healthy and organic even though it costs more. It would cost more in the long run if we ate inferior food and ended up with bad health. Good luck on trying to reduce food costs. It's hard and I do miss eating out but the savings are worth it to us.
I really enjoy reading your blog.
Kathy (USA)


You might be interested at looking at

Sue has come up with 5 different menus for the LBTL challenge.


Hi Kathy

Thanks for reading! Meal planning is one of those skills I wish they taught in school it's so important. I agree, eating out can be so expensive, and I have to say I rarely have a great meal when we do. A good meal, but not great. I don't think we'd miss it if we stopped to be honest.


Thanks for the link - loads of great ideas, especially the 25p can of lager!!! It was mentioned to be tongue in cheek but now I want to know what a 25p can of lager tastes like!

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