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February 22, 2013


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Lucy @ Smallest Smallholding

Here's my thoughts on some of your questions:

- I just turned out my clothes. If I didn't wear it last year, it went to the recycling bin, the charity shop, or given away. I tend to cling on to things "just in case" but this inevitably just leads to clothes cluttering.

- Go paperless where you can. less clutter, easier to access online and much more streamlined! You can always order paper copies (or download them) if you need to in the future!

- no harm in looking for other options in a new job. You might find yourself in a much more pleasant working environment that could alleviate at least some of the stress. There's nothing to lose by keeping your options open.

- our microwave broke about 6 months ago. We didn't replace it and I rarely miss it - only perhaps with baking potatoes (they take quite a long time in the oven), warming up drinks and those microwavable beanbags for my back. But otherwise, we get on fine without it. Maybe give it a go without it, and then see how you get on. You can always buy one later if you feel you need to.

- if you haven't used your cook books in a while, perhaps you should pick out your favourite recipes, copy them into a notebook and then give away them away (or bootfair/ebay etc). I tend to take the same approach to my books as I do with my clothes; if I don't go back to them at least once in a couple of years, I probably never will. I now tend to only keep my favourite, cherished books or book collections in hardback. Paperbacks now generally go on my kindle - all my purchases are backed up on a server somewhere so it's all good! The exceptions are gardening books as I have an old kindle without the facility to look at colour pictures, and I like to browse my gardening books for inspiration... not quite the same on a kindle!

- re: the gardener - give it a go! Maybe have them come once a fortnight to start with, and see how it goes. You might find that it brings a bit of peace of mind to know that the niggly little tasks are taken care of. I know that if I could, I would love to have someone come regularly and help me keep on top of things - it would definitely be a weight off my shoulders and would make ME feel happier (to hell with the neighbours ;)).

Just my two cents, as I've had to ask myself many of the same questions.


Drive Cleaners of Birmingham

ahhh your cat is so cute :)

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