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April 22, 2012


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So sorry about Georgia-belle. Really hope the rest of the chooks don't succumb to whatever this nasty is. I know how sad you must feel as chickens don't ask for much and give us so much (and I don't just mean eggs). It's heartbreaking to see them suffer.


Oh sorry Sarah that is very sad. I know you did everything you could. Fingers crossed you can find out exactly what it is and cure it in the chooks if it has spread. x


So sorry to read such a sad post, what an upsetting time for you and now you have the extra worry about Lulu. Hope things improve very soon.

Lucy @ Smallest Smallholding

If she's waddling she might have sterile egg yolk peritonitis, in which case you can have long acting hormone implants to stop her laying her yolks internally. Mine had this and lived for over 2 years with it, but that was before implants were widely available. it's been used quite a bit by lots of ex-batt owners from the forum if you want more info.


Thanks Charlotte and Jenny. I hate losing any of my animals but knowing Georgia battled so hard to stay alive makes it more upsetting for me.

Hi Lucy, one of my others, Bisto, has sterile peritonitis, and she was fine for years. Lulu unfortunately has temporarily developed it entirely due to bronchitis, so it should go down soon but its touch and go whether the pressure will build so high it will block up her digestive system and back up into her crop like Georgia.

She's has all of her antibiotics now and it looks like she's doing ok and her belly is going down very slowly.

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