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February 07, 2012


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louisa @ TheReallyGoodLife

Great post - bookmarked for future consideration!

I think I'm pretty much at the "not the first clue" stage and also aware that any clues I do have are likely to change dramatically between now and actually being able to do it. (Hell, between now and this time next week - I can be fickle!) But that's not to say I can't start gaining skills/experience (a good way to find out what I don't like doing!) and preparing the monetary side of things. I can start on those things while I'm searching around for a clue - and working through your checklist :)


Wow! My frst visit and a great post to find - I shall have to come back and read again but at first reading, I find I have nothing to add :) Of course I also need to have a good nosey round your previous posts!


Hi Louisa, I sat down this morning and after 20 minutes decided I definitely wanted pigs and an inglenook fireplace at my next place so I can cook and smoke food. No idea about much else at the moment, but hey it's a start! So I've told hubby I want to try and cook something in our existing open fire to see how it could work. The pigs will have to wait a while though...

Hi Mo, good to have you here. I read your page about how you got started with pigs and you've really set something off in me now! Until I saw the process laid out like that pigs were a bit of a dream but now I know they'll be a reality.

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