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January 26, 2012


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louisa @ TheReallyGoodLife

I had a day to view desk diary last year but we didn't get on - not sure why other than preferring to have an overview of the week at a glance. My 2012 desk diary is a week to view on one page and on the other, it's just blank so I can have notes/a to-do list for the whole week rather than having to push stuff from day to day when it doesn't get done. I too use it for spending notes etc - although obviously don't have a lot of room -- I try to use a dedicated notebook for all recipes and things like that though so they don't get lost on scraps of paper.

I also use a web service - RememberTheMilk - for recurring stuff so I don't have to write it in my diary every day. I can update that from my computer or phone and interestingly, it's got a "location" section so I can see, for example, all the to-do items that I need to do when I'm at the theatre rather than at home. The reminders from that are very useful pokes too.


Thanks for the tip about RememberTheMilk Louisa, I didn't know about that. The location function sounds very good.

I think I get on with paper diaries because I'm always writing quick notes down about everything - and then promptly losing them if they're on scraps of paper. Near constant scribbling is an old writer's habit I guess.

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