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November 06, 2011


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louisa @ TheReallyGoodLife

Our house had similar former owners and we've spent the last two years cleaning up after them too. The bathroom had been PVAed and I spent far too much time earlier this year scraping and sanding it off. Grrr. Hate.

Silver lining though: most things have been so badly built (for example, the nasty fake stone fireplace in the living room) that they are pretty easy to pull down. Now, where's that crowbar...?


Hi Louisa. I just hate the way everything takes so much longer and costs more. Nothing is a quick job. I have friends who regale me with tales of overhauling a bedroom in a weekend, which gives me serious DIY envy.


hi hun..ooh i am with you there on the cursing..shouldn't in front of littlies but i did...our former tenants decided to paint everywhere battleship grey,woodwork,walls and ceilings..the lady in wilkos was getting seriously worried about my gloss habits...took ages to re do it all...they also had 2 huge fireplaces put in..i mean come on make sure the bricks match first..bloody eye sores..and then to top it off they put gas fires in,in front of the effectively making us pay out lots of hard earned money to firstly remove the fires,then the brick work and then the plaster that came out with house looked like a bomb site for months...thankfully we got it done but not without calling revenge in the name of curse them with itchy bits for eternity...


'nothing cramming it into my mouth didn't fix' - the perfect solution to untidy baking :)

Tidy baking is over-rated anyhow - I too enjoy cooking as stress-relief!

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