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November 27, 2011


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Hi ooh that looks bless him for warning you when he needed to turn you think you would be able to do a jumper for his dad?How is he getting on now?


Hi Sara, I think I might be able to squeak it in, but only if I can get the front of Martin's jumper done in the next few days. If that's done by say Thursday, I'll be in with a sporting chance and I'll order the wool for next week.

His dad is ok, thanks for asking, although his platelet count has been a bit low so he had to miss his chemo last week. He thought that was marvelous because he said his brain went back to normal and he went out for a long drive on a nice sunny day.

Apparently, the drugs left him with such a mind fog he had stopped himself from driving in case his reactions were too slow.

That cheered him up no end, but of course he can't keep missing weeks of chemo otherwise the myeloma will start growing again. So while it seemed good to him he forgot it could come with a sting in the tail.


Hi..o i am glad he is ok..everything has a price doesn't it..i bet he really loved his drive..and well done him for realizing he wouldn't be up for driving normally..
You had best get knitting..i have got to make 3 baby blankets for next year..1 each for my daughters new babies and 1 for my new surprise surprise i will be delivering next year too...


Congratulations!!! How wonderful!

Do your daughters knit at all or will you be providing all the booties and ickle jumpers and cardies to go with the blankets?

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