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November 11, 2011


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I'm knitting some woolly socks for my sister because she lives in a cold house (rented). That's it for my Christmas knitting projects. I'm such a slow knitter I don't think I can commit to anything else!


Hi wow..i have only just taught myself to all my girlies and son are getting scarves...nice and basic but made with love...once they are done i will attempt a baby blanket but done in squares..need to actually make 2 of them as my 2 of my older girlies are expecting summer best start now..


Hi Millie

I'd love to be able to do socks but I just cannot get the heel part. I've tried so many times and have given up for now! However, I bought a big sock knitting book about a year ago so might have to look at that in the new year if the weather tuns really cold.

Hi Sara

I remember my grandmother knitting scarves for me for Christmas and birthdays. It was always in k2p2 rib. I now know how long and involved it is to do that much rib and I wish I had appreciated her more for knitting them for me.

Martin's granny was an amazing knitter - she could do proper fairisle in all the primary colours from memory and without a pattern!


Hi steel...yes it has taken me ages to do 6 scarves for my girls and son..o i am so going to learn fairisle..i love the colours and patterns..just had an enquiry of my olders girls if i could possibly knit my 2 grand-daughters and grandson a scarf too...o i can feel my fingers cramping at the thought of it..

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