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October 28, 2011


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Hi ..yep it seems to be one thing after another at the moment...poor chickens..i kow when my hubby bathed our chickens in the summer the tots ran off coz of the racket they made..pets are expensive but they joy they bring is priceless..we have 5 chickens,maisie,primrose,poppy,violet and tulip, 1 dog pacth,a whippet/greyhound..he is lovely although getting on a bit now bless him..he is 14 yrs old and got a swollen leg from arthritis..he has pills but they are £30 a month and to be totally honest they have made no difference to him...poor old fella..going to change his name to dribbles for the obvious reason lol..
take care


Love the names of your chickens!

It is shocking the noise they can make. Lulu in particular is a nervous chicken and will carry on alarmingly for 20 minutes at a time. Our poor neighbours!

Touch wood, the bladder business is the first time we've had to take Sophie to the vet for years and we're hoping this is just a one off. I can't imagine having to get pills or do injections on her regularly like you probably have to do with Patch. I'm not sure she would be able to take it.

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