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October 27, 2011


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Hi just found your blog..lovely going to have a good read when my 2 tots are asleep...well done on the gas bill...i got a shock at being £50 in credit..but £40 in debit with the kinda evens out...not too bothered though as we have 3 freezers full of our allotments produce and baked i have had to use my tumble drier a few times..its hard times for us all but hopefully things will improve..also i have not had my heating on yet..i have insulated,wrapped and lined just about everything in the keeping slippers on the tots constantly seems to be paying off..nice warm feet=nice warm bodies...

I was happy to read your FIL is on the mend..he must be if he has restless leg syndrome lol..i hate sitting doing nothing..drove me potty when i was in hospital..think midwives were glad to see me go...

Right off to bath tots then i'll be back for a read..


Hi Sara. Thanks for your kind wishes about FIL.

Wow! I'm impressed at you having three freezers full of goodies.I'm on the lookout for an extra freezer so next year's garden produce can be squirreled away. My current freezer is stocked to the brim with bulk meats and bits for main meals so I couldn't save any this year.I just couldn't stuff it in anywhere.

I'm about to insulate and wrap the house up this weekend. I'll get some extra cutain linings at the windows, put some big curtains up at the doors, and pull out all the throws and blankets ready for warm snuggling.

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