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October 29, 2011


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ooh i love pancakes..can't make them though..tots love em too..i cheat and buy mine..then freeze them indidvidually..cheating i know but we could never eat 10 in one best treat however is belgian waffles with maple syrup and smoked bacon..yummy..
I absolutely adore liver and else does mum actually makes it..and then sends it round for me lol...i tuck into that whilst everyone else is almost gagging ..lmao..its soo funny..

hope you had good weekend..
how is your Fil by the way?


Hi Sara, FIL is doing ok. He's still in hospital and has his first chemo session tomorrow but they've promised him he can get out of bed and walk around and maybe go home on Wednesday or Thursday.

We found him 'limbering up' in preparation when we went to visit tonight, and copious lists had been made about all the things he has to do when he gets home. He's very chipper now as there is light at the end of the tunnel.

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