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October 19, 2011


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Oh how I can relate!!! Apart from the fact don't have chickens, your weekend sounds SO familiar - the laundry (getting it done early so i can dry), the tidying, the washing, the cooking... the feeling utterly exhausted and then wondering why since boyfriend doesn't seem to notice it either!
Oh well. Do you think we will ever learn and just let it go?? I have my doubts. I've noticed my mother is more relaxed about housework these days - but that might be because now she lives alone, rather than because age has brought a relaxation of Miss-Busyness.


Hi Maria

Half of my problem is that this Little Miss Busy married Mr Messy, which is guaranteed to keep me running around like a trooper at the weekends.

I think hubby doesn't notice because he's suffering from that age-old phenomenon that seems to afflict men - claiming that he doesn't need glasses while tripping over most things and walking past the rest.


I'm exhausted just reading this!!!!


Ah, I see your problem. I relate to that too - although I've not married my Mr Messy, just moved in with him :)
Still - rather together and messy than alone and tidy...


For some reason I had it in my mind that your OH didn't live with you Maria. Just pitched up to a clean and tidy house, messed it up and then went back to his own place.

Maybe that's because I used to have a boyfriend that did that ;-)

James Johnson

Great article! I Really enjoyed reading it. Keep up the good work :)

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