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September 18, 2011


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michele zoghbi

Celebrate good times come on!! lets all celebrate hurrah

Lucy @ Smallest Smallholding

Thank you so much for posting this. I need to learn from your patience to save up for things. I tried to take out a loan, and despite a very good credit score, they said no. So I will continue to put up with the falling-apart car (as it still runs) and just keep squirreling away until I can get those things that I want, with cash. I've been working on getting my debt down this year, except, it seems to have gone up a little in some areas, better in others. But generally, not good enough. So I am taking a leaf out of your book, and going for cash. It's palpable and when it's paid, it's paid. Done. I needed to read this!!!!


Hi Lucy

I so pleased you found this post helpful. Saving for something, especially if it's big, can be really hard and I've found it very difficult over the last three years.

Back in our parent's day it was easier (although they would say they preferred things nowadays I'm sure) - if you didn't have the money saved you didn't buy it. Now when you want something you have to fight your way past the thought of buying it on credit cards or with a loan before the thought of savings comes into it.

It's constant temptation.

Tipper Hire

Six years is a long while to wait, but it looks like it was worth it. Granite is a superb material thehardest you will find...looks great


Thanks Tipper! It's been a couple of weeks now and it's starting to compact and lock together really nicely. The drive is on a slope and there's no roll-off on to the street at all.

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