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July 14, 2011


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I'd love to know how you are getting on with your coop. We've had problems with mites and are fed up with the girls getting bitten. Bloomin mites!


Hi Andrew, I haven't seen a sniff of a mite since about a month after we bought the Green Frog coop. We had some minor infestations after we set it up, mostly because the girls still had the odd one on them when we first switched them over and those mites bred, but a weekly clean with Total Mite Kill and fresh bedding eventually wiped them out after around a month.

Now we bit clean the coop daily to get the worst dropping out and completely clean out every 6 weeks or so, taking care to spray round with the Total Mite Kill before putting the fresh bedding in. I take the whole coop apart in the summer and wash everything down with jeyes fluid and give it a good rinse off.

Touch wood, not seen a mite for about a year.

I know some people don't like the thought of chemicals near their chickens, but as long as you're careful (I keep them out of the pen while I'm doing it and for a few hours after) they should be ok. It's got to be better than being sucked to death by mites.


Hello Friend!

Here I am digging up an old post but I found this while researching the Green Frog coop for my own chicken adventures. I live in the US and my biggest concern in these over the eglu (or the snap-lock whch is another plastic coop made here in the states) is the lack of insulation. Have you had any difficulties managing your girl in the winter?



We moved to plastic four years ago, have tried the old Doodlehouse (which was awful - bits snapped!). We now have Eglu Cubes for the chooks and Green Frog designs for ducks and geese, and both are fantastic. We've never had mites in the Cube, but I can see where that might happen. Green Frog kit is my favourite, due to its inherent simplicty, and they're suprisingly sturdy. We bought the Cubes for the anti-fox run, which really does work, out of experience. However, the fox is such a nusance we've invested in electric fencing, therefore the runs aren't an issue anymore (we only used them if we (rarely) went out during the day and the girls had to be somewhere safe). Now the run isn't as important, I would definitely go for a Green Frog coop - great choice!

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