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March 29, 2011


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louisa @ TheReallyGoodLife

Oh no, what a pain. We too live in a house that bodge built (or rather that bodge lived in for 50 years and performed countless DIY "modernisations" too). At least you're adamant about putting it right now and will have a lovely room when you finally get it done - and hopefully the good house fairies will remember that if/when you move again and grant you the perfect, non-bodged house in the future.

I was amused that you used a picture from The Money Pit a few posts back - we always watch that whenever we discover something new - and wrong with - our house. We've watched it with desperate frequency over these last 18 months!


I so love The Money Pit and we do exactly the same thing as you when the going gets tough! For a while it got that bad I had the DVD in my laptop and would watch a few scenes every day. There was a lot of deep breathing and saying "this will pass" and "next year we'll laugh about this".

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