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January 10, 2011


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Lucy @ Smallest Smallholding

Yey for more veggie meals.

We're also looking at reducing waste. One thing that really gets me is just the amount of packaging we end up with. most of it does go in the recycling bin, BUT I still can't believe how much there is, when we don't really buy much processed stuff. Rich always rolls his eyes when I buy loose veg from Waitrose and then stick the price label thing straight on the veg instead of getting the little plastic bags. It rolls around the shopping trolley a bit but at least we don't end up with six million tiny plastic bags.

Also, I would say... YOU CAN NEVER BUY TOO MANY BOOKS. Soul food! You have to live so why have one or two things that you can enjoy, one being books. They're so easy to recycle/resell/pass on. We're brassic half the time but we're in the mindset that we have to live too... so cinema trips and small purchases like books or naughty desserts give you a little boost or something to look forward to.


Gosh, it seems to me that some of the goals you are setting are enormous but I do admire your dedication Am feeling at the moment that being green is such an uphill battle. We want to replace our broken boiler with an air source heat pump but the whole heating and ventilating business seems to be geared up to sell you cheap standard stuff regardless. Then this week, as we haven't had a recycle collection for a while because of the snow, everyone else in our road put their recycle bin out with the normal stuff. Obviously they couldn't possibly store their own rubbish for another week, better bin than recycle. Makes me so cross, people who actually care about the planet seem quite rare.

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