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May 02, 2010


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I'm can really empathise with your money worries, a regular income was what kept me working for 42 years. However now I'm retired I really relish the fannying around time though I don't achieve as much as I imagined either. I really hope things work out well for you but I would say we spent 3 years working on a house in Yorkshire and then moved, I always regret that we weren't the ones to get the enjoyment from our labours but then we did get the financial benefit.

karen sue

being recently unemployed has raised some issues. I have LOTS of things to catch up on, but where to start? and how long do it have? and do I do the fun stuff first and if I don't will I ever get to it...or will i just piddle away the 'free' time?? It must be free, because I'm not getting paid for it!!
Needing to make a plan , make some lists and give myself credit for what is getting done and make it easy to see 'what next'..

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