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January 29, 2010


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That is some doing, well done.. I'll love to give up our Sky, but as the internet is connected via that, it's impossible.. I also detest the hard sell you get when trying to leave something

Karen Sue

In college we read 'The Plug In Drug'. I watch too much TV, but married twice to TV loving guys, it's a losing battle. I have had very enjoyable evenings with a fire and a book. And we spend way too much time flipping through looking for something to watch. Keep it up! You are doing a good thing.

Notes From The Frugal Trenches

So glad you updated on this as I've been wondering how you've found it. I adored my tv fast and am watching a tad too much as of late....


Thank you for commenting on my Blog; my husband and I back our President even though neither of our extended families do. We believe that he is doing his very best to lead us in the right direction to recover. I left my job as I felt my skills would be more useful to us at home and my Husband was laid off AGAIN - second time in this last year. SO we are living on savings and hoping and praying for a glorious Engineering position for Scott SOON.

And we refuse to pay for commercialized TV and our TV is over 24 years old and won't pick up any channels since it's all been switched to Digital TV. Have we missed it? NO. And like you all we are enjoying the time it has freed up for us.


How often do you go to someones house, the tv is on and stays on. I think that's extremely rude but maybe the Sky staff are right, life does revolve round the box nowadays. At least that's not the case at your place, well done for being strong and getting all those jobs done too.

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