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December 12, 2009


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You made me smile with this post. I looked at all the gifts we've bought this year and thought how stupid it was.. trouble is most of our family would so turn their noses up at handmade, home produced goods.. however I'm determined to get there one day and take joy in their faces at opening them..


I think I can answer the custard problem.

Regardless of whether you're making a baked custard (my personal favorite) or a stirred custard, they should both be cooked in water. The baked should go in a bain marie, which you can make by putting the baking dish with the custard into a larger baking dish and then filling the larger dish with hot water until the level reaches the same as the custard. It should bake slowly at a lower heat- 35-40 minutes for ramekins, 45-60 for a single large custard, and no higher than 300F/148C or it will curdle.

The stirred custard should be cooked in a double boiler, which you can make by cooking the custard in a heat-proof bowl over a saucepan of simmering water.

Hope this works out for you.

Furniture Stores

Love the idea of exchanging time vouchers. Would want this as a gift over stuff any day!


Such a waste when you receive presents that are totally unsuitable and will go straight to the charity shop. I know its the thought that counts but sometimes you wonder if people have thought about you. I always produce a list, I'd rather have a second hand book I want than expensive frippery, I'm sure you would too. So stand your ground, show everyone your lists, the practical one and the real one, you might just make a difference.

Karen Sue

I give my mom a real, useful stuff list and she does pretty well. I have some stuff that is still in the boxes from my birthday or Christmas last year that just didn't make it to take up the space. Indoor fountains have kind of run their course. I'd really like a load of composted manure to unload in my gardens...think my inlaws could do that one for me??!?!? Thinking it's not on the list I handed them. A few book choices. Some household items. a cardigan, since the hubby doesn't have any for me to nab! I've been making aprons and I hope they make some of the recipients happy. I think they are cute. If I wear one, it feels like I'm cooking! Good Luck with your list!


Karen Sue - I asked for manure for my birthday once and the family ended up sending me money to pay for a delivery of the stuff! That was actually quite exciting, although the excitement wore off barrowing the stuff into the garden.


I know exactly what you mean, My Mum just roller her eyes when I asked for a new dizzy cap for our Landrover, BUT ITS WHAT WE WANT! I know its a bit mercenary but I just ask people for money, then I can put it towards building the chicken coop or buying logs!


Absolutely WONDERFUL wish list - sounds a lot like ours. Merry Christmas!


Hi SK, I've been browsing through your archives after coming across your blog recently. Some posts are really funny and others strike a strong chord with me.
I know what you mean about wanting someone to 'get' you. I feel the same. I have one friend who gets pretty close though. Teresa x


Hi Theresa. Thanks for stopping by. I have some friends that are close to getting it, but I think the closest is hubby by far.

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