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November 24, 2009


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I grew up with out pay TV/cable. Still don't have it. Now using a converter box and get MAYBE 5 channels. I don't sit and watch TV but listen to it. Even if I get a movie, for the most part I listen to it. That isn't to say I can do that with all movies, some you just have to watch. The other options for me as I work is a book on tape/dvd. Our local library has a great assortment along with a section of things that they sell.


Here in the States we have the Corporation for Public Broadcasting which produces a lot of stuff, which is aired by the Public Broadcasting System (PBS). It gets some of its money from the government, and much of it is donated by charitable trusts and foundations, and the rest comes from viewers. It is the station I usually watch. Everything is on PBS- concerts, operas, travel, nature, science, history. It's who airs Ken Burns's films. It has the best, unbiased new reporting. There are great shows that do in depth reporting of world issues, like Frontline, and excellent shows on American Experience, which usually covers something historic. Amazing, wonderful TV, without which I would be sad because I would miss it. I think the TV experience is largely up to the audience. I've never watched a so-called reality show because I don't believe for a second that they are based in reality. Most folks like to tune in so they can turn off. I like to tune in to learn, because learning and thinking are entertainment for me, and I feel pretty darn lucky that there is something so rich and varied as public television to satisfy my entertainment wants. We do have cable, but we have the pared down, basic service which really doesn't get us a lot, and we have it because it's bundled into the cable package for our internet service. I could watch hours and hours of mindless crap if I wanted to; I just don't want to. I think that would be a kind of hell. I am sure glad I have a decent choice; if I didn't, I think I'd be in the chuck-it boat with you.


Emily - I wasn't allowed to watch a great deal of TV when I was growing up so I find now I can take it or leave it (usually leave it!)

Paula - I've heard about PBS and I wish I could get it here. In the UK Channel 4 used to be very cutting edge and produced some good stuff when it first started out years ago, but like many channels that started with good intentions, eventually the advertisers' money plus budget cuts started influencing the programming. Sometimes the programmes are just too sensationalised to be enjoyable.

My hubby has told me there are sites on the net where I could watch PBS if I wanted to so I may yet join you!

Karen Sue

In college, we read a book called The Plug In Drug. I have had 2 husbands -both love(d) their TV time! I only had antennea TV for a long time, but hubby #2 loves sports, so he gets cable and flips around...around here it is viewed as a 'guy thing'..the remote control is POWER! It is on far too much and perhaps that should be one of my goals for the new year - to not have it on when I'm home alone or with a kid or two. Thanks for the motivation! I sent Kat a little note and said I'd like to be in a chair in front of a fire with a BOOK! (not the TV)

Frugal Trenches

OOh good luck! I'm quite enjoying my televistion fast, I think it is about 3 weeks now, is that a sign that I can't even remember?!


Wonderful, I love to hear about tv fasts! Our family has been unplugged for 9 months now, and it's fantastic. Not going back. How long do you think you'll do without the box? I think it's not a problem having one as long as the dog wags the tail and not the other way round.

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