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November 16, 2009


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Oh no, the more I read the worse I felt. So much work, so much pressure, for someone who likes to pretend Christmas isn't happening and already had a good rant today about festive lights being switched on too early, that was a bad bad post. I do like the knitting baubles though.


I thought of you when I saw the knitting baubles!

Don't worry - I also hate Crimbo things happening too early like lights and cards - but if you're into homemade stuff the prep has to happen a bit early. But the actual display don't happen with me until middle of December.

Just think, if I didn't have a blog all this 'stuff' would have to stay in my brain instead of being inflicted on the world!


Gosh - I needed a lie down after reading that. So much energy!! The decorations have already gone up at work, and I think it may be time to reconcile myself to the fact that, once again, I won't be having the sort of Christmas I always plan to - simply because I'm just not organised enough!!!!! I did make patchwork stocking two years ago, and that's been about it....

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