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November 06, 2009


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rhonda jean

Hello Steel Kitten. Congratulations on your 300th post! Your header is fabulous. The chooks look like they've settled in well, and those gloves, I adore them. And you did them on a knitting machine! Wow.

I'd like to enter your draw please, for the John Seymour book, although I am a long way away and the postage might cost a lot. Let me know if you'd like me to change my preference.

Looking forward to the next 300.


I love your new banner - it is perfect. Love your knitted gloves too - nice manicure. Congratulations on your 300th post - please enter me in the banner draw - thank you!


Your new banner is just lovely. There is nothing as special as something hand created by art. Happy 300th post as well. And I have to tell you that I love, love, love your fingerless gloves. Just beautiful.


i would love to enter this!


Hi SteelKitten! I just found your blog on Rhonda's site and I'm excited about it! I'd like to be in your giveaway, for the blog banner. Thanks!


Congrats on your 300th Post. This is my first visit to your blog, and what a delightful blog it is. How did I not stumble across you before. I'm looking forward to grabbing a cup of tea and having a good read!
If I may, I would love to enter your giveaway and the offer of a blog banner sounds wonderful.
Thanks, Lela


Very touched to read about your hedgehogs and the hard work you put into looking after them. Don't stop!


Ohh, please enter me! Love the new banner and that is such a cute photo of the hedgepigs bottom! LOL


Congratulations on your 300th blog! As you know it is a lovely treat for me to sit down with a cuppa and read about the goings at Steelkitten (I love the new banner). Can I enter the comp for the blog banner please? Even though I don't have a blog I have a need for a banner. By the way can those gloves be converted to legwarmers? ;-)

Anke Cox

The banner is beautiful! My husband and I have a thing for hedgehogs, we have (fake ones) all over the house. The fingerless gloves are great, another idea for a project...
I would love to be entered into both giveaways by the way.


Wheew hoo! I love giveaways, epecally like this! I would love to enter both and will gladly pay postage to the US! Love your blog adding it to my lise!


another new reader via Rhonda's site... I love the fingerless gloves and that new banner is ace! (am drooling over the seed envelopes too!) I'd love to be entered in both giveaways please :-)

Pipppa Ibbotson

Hello SteelKitten, love your blog, I'm wondering why I have not found it before. Congratulations on your 300th post and I love your gloves. I would like to be entered into the book and seed giveaway as I need loads to sow on my allotment. I'm going to order from 'Real seeds' myself for next season.
Thanks Pippa


I have just found your site through down--to--earth and its lovely! I would love to win a banner by Kat, her work is so charming. Can someone in the USA enter the contest?


Hi All

Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

Just to clarify, the giveaway is open to everyone anywhere in the world.

If you enter the second giveaway postage is no object - I will cover it whatever the cost to wherever.


I love your new banner! =)
Please can I enter in the competition to receive the self-sufficiency book etc.
Thanks for running this competition - very generous of you.


I'd love to win the second giveaway!


Hi, another here from down-to-earth blog. Your blog looks wonderful and I think I might come back here more often :D The fingerless gloves are very pretty and I have made some for myself before but not that length. I think I will make some like that for next winter. The book and seed giveaway would be wonderful to be entered into. Congratulations on making 300 posts. I hope you will make many more in the future.

karen sue

Congratulations on your post#300! Not many of my flesh friends are into blogging, but I have enjoyed meeting so many by linking from one to another! And WOW!! What a great banner! She did an awesome job! Reminds me a bit of those Jan Brett books we loved reading together! Now that I've found you, I'll have to back up to post #1 and work my way back to here!!
Have a good celebration...

karen sue

I left a comment, I think to congratulate you on your post and to say how I would go back and read your first 299 to catch up and get to know you, but I didn't say..please enter me in both of the drawings!
Karen Sue


Hello - I've been a lurker here for a while, and I would love to be entered for the banner draw (our vegetable growing isn't going well at all at the moment - the weather seems to be all over the place).

Carole McGivern


Just found your blog courtesy of Down to will be visiting more over the next few days to have a good read.

I'm a great fan of Real Seeds and have been buying from them for a while I'd love to be entered in that giveaway if that's okay.

Carole x

Andrea D

Hi there, Just been linked here from down to earth. What an amazing little blog you have! Well its not so little actually. Have spent an hour reading it and have to say you do an amazing job! Would love to be entered into the book giveaway too.
Thanks so much
Andrea x

The Pleasures of Homemaking

Hi I just found your blog through Down To Earth and I'm so glad she posted a link! Congratulations on your 300th post. I'd love to be entered in the giveaway for the blog banner (your's is so unique and cute)! I already have the Seymour book. Whoever wins that will really enjoy it!

Now I'm going to look around. Thanks!



Well look at you, I go away for a week and its all changed. Your new banner is just beautiful, so you, and all those lovely comments, you must be delighted. Love the wrist warmers, they are fantastic but those are not the hands of a self sufficient gardener, far too glam. Congratulations on all fronts, count me in for the giveaway, the second option please.


Thanks for commenting on my blog!! Didn't know you were a fellow Northamptonian!!!
Great blog, and the header's lovely!!
Who knows, we may meet ay the Bicycle Bazaar one day!! I think I will try to get to the next one.

Sharon xx


what a great giveaway! i don't have a blog but i'd love the chance to win the john seymour book/seeds


Congrats on your 300th post. I have been reading about your hedgehogs. Fun stuff. LOVE LOVE your fingerless gloves!!! Would love to be considered for option #2 in your give away. Thank you. Emily

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