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August 27, 2009


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I have been given two knitting machines, both the same make. They seemed like such a good idea when I saw them on freecycle but since them I haven't had any time to even look at them and think I had decided to 'pass them on'... Now I'm not sure if I should!

If only I had a craft room, how do you stop it from over flowing? LOL


ooh that's cool, i'm thinking knitting machine now!
i like the cherries- don't think they are too small but i think the cushion does need something a little more decoration wise- not sure what... maybe a run of them down one side rather than across the top???


A cushion in one day, thats not bad going and I think the cherries are just right. I've never fancied a knitting machine myself I'd be hopeless and wouldn't be able to use it in the car or on the bus.


I think cherries in each corner would be nice

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